Keystone Compac® Hewnstone
A Specifier’s Favourite

Keystone Compac Hewnstone combines style, performance and cost-saving versatility into one wall system. It’s favoured by architects, engineers and contractors worldwide for its function in both small and large-scale projects. Using the proven Keystone pin connection system, Keystone Compac® Hewnstone is the perfect solution for gravity walls up to 4 feet in height and large-scale projects over 60’h. Corner and coping units are also available.

Maximum Versatility and Performance Due to:

  • A design that results in decreased unit weight, effectively reducing shipping costs while maintaining structural integrity.
  • A design that allows for various positive connections with reinforcement to build engineered walls over 60 feet (18.2m) tall. 
  • Increased vertical drainage through face units. 

Easier Installation Due to:

  • A block shape that allows for tight radius curves and vertical core alignment.
  • A shorter tail design that allows for easier handling in the field.
  • A triangular shaped pin receiving hole that allows for installer-friendly construction adjustments.
  • Vertical or battered setback construction options.

Sizes (H X W X D)

8 x 18 x 12 in
203 x 457 x 305 mm

3.94 x 17.72 x 11.81 in
100 x 450 x 300 mm

8 x 18 x 9 in
203 x 457.2 x 228.6 mm

Fiberglass Alignment Pins
0.5 x 5.25 in
13 x 133 mm



Sierra Grey

Natural – BC & Alberta Only


Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in the colour representations found on this website. However, due to the natural characteristics of concrete, the manufacturing process and on-screen display, actual colours in the final product may vary from that shown.


DescriptionDimensionsUnit Size MMUnit Size INUnit Face Area M2Unit Face Area Sq FtUnit Weight LBNo. Of Horizontal LayersPallet UnitsPallet Face Area M2Pallet Face Area Sq FtPallet Weight LBPallet Row UnitsPallet Row Face Area M2Pallet Row Face Area Sq FtPallet Rows
Keystone Compac Hewnstone Standard H X W X D 203 x 457 x 305 8 x 18 x 12 0.09 77.88 30 2.78 29.96 2336     
Keystone Compac Hewnstone Corner H X W X D 203 x 457.2x 228.6 8 x 18 x 9   104 18 1.67 17.97 1872     
Coping H X W X D 100x 450 x 300 3.94 x 17.72 x 11.81   66 48 21.95 lin. m 72 lin. ft 3168 24 10.97 lin. m 36 lin. ft 
Fiberglass Alignment Pins H X W X D 13 x 133 0.5 x 5.25   0.08  100/box   7.9/box     
ColoursItem No. StandardItem No. CornerItem No. CopingItem No. fiberglass pins
Charcoal 139848 134788 134799 123168 
Sierra Grey 139849 134789 136462  
Natural 142313 142312 142314  
Graphite 143708 143709   


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Retaining / Support / Freestanding Walls

Product Notes

Pallet Information

Sold in full pallets only. A $35.00 returnable pallet fee will be charged to any bundle of Keystone Compac – Hewnstone 

Unit of Measure

The Unit of Measure for Keystone Compac is Each.  

Order Considerations

Contact your local Barkman sales representative for information on special or custom order products in terms of minimum production cycles required. 


Use 2 fiberglass pins per block to connect. For near vertical batter, place pins in front hole location. For 8.5 degree batter, place pins in back hole location. For 4 degree batter, alternate pin location starting with back pin location on first course, front location on second course and alternating on consecutive layers. Alignment pins sold separately. For information on wall heights, consult the product installation guide and technical specifications. Check your local building codes and consult a professional engineer when required.