Landscaping Materials
Synthetic Reinforcement

Geotextiles and Geogrids are used for base separation and stabilization in the construction of roads, driveways, garden beds and for building retaining walls.

TenCate Geotextile:

  • Construction:  Nonwoven geotextiles easily conform to the ground or trench surface for trouble-free installation.
  • Strength: Withstand installation stresses with high puncture and tear resistance.
  • Drainage: High permittivity properties provide high water flow rates while providing excellent soil retention.

TenCate Geogrid 5XT and 10XT:

  • Flexible, tough: Minimizes movement of soil structure.
  • Custom fabrication: Rolls fabricated to meet your specific project requirements.
  • Light weight: Easy to handle and no sharp edges.


Geo-Textile 6oz Non Woven*  103147 91400 x 4572 3600 x 180 220 
Geo Grid 5XT 133567 45720 x 3658 1800 x 144 118 
Geo Grid 10XT 133673 60960 x 3658 2400 x 144 277 
Gator Grid 30-30 134918 1219 x 15240 48 x 600 690 

Product Notes

Geo Textile 6oz Non Woven is sold by square footage. Geo Grid products are sold in full rolls only.

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