Strength and Durability – Precast Product Benefits Over Time

Written by Barkman Concrete Published on January 26th, 2012

Precast concrete is everywhere. It is in buildings, bridges, underground structures, and even in our own backyards. However, precast concrete is not the same as cast-in-place concrete. There are several distinct differences between these products that are worth noting.

Precast concrete is not created on the construction site. It is manufactured under controlled conditions and then delivered to the construction site. This manufacturing process is important to the strength and durability of precast products.

The engineering involved in precast concrete has continued to develop stronger and stronger products over the years. Not only do precast concrete products have lifespans in excess of 100 years, precast concrete actually increases in strength over time, instead of deteriorating overtime, like most building materials.

Precast concrete manufacturing facilities are climate controlled and every aspect of the manufacturing process is closely monitored by outside inspectors. The job of the inspectors is to test and certify that the items produced meet stringent engineering standards.

It is the detailed engineering involved in the precast process that has made it one of the most desirable components in the construction industry. In addition to its long life, precast concrete is fire resistant, weather resistant, water tight and can withstand many corrosive agents. When you add these benefits to its low maintenance finish, it becomes one of the best choices for construction components available today. Look around you. There are some very good reasons why you see so much precast concrete in today’s urban environment.

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