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MagnumStone Walls for Edmonton Airport

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Project: Edmonton International Airport Retention Pond
Landscape Architect: WSP
Contractor: Dufferin Construction
Location: Edmonton, AB
Civil Engineer: Mike Staple
Product: MagnumStone Walls
Colour: Natural, Ledgestone Face
Project Owner: Edmonton Airport Authority

Project Background:

Edmonton International Airport, a travel hub that sees over seven million guests each year, was seeking a way to marry form and function in the development of a new water retention pond. Planners wanted a way to manage water run-off from development around the airport as well as create a modern, aesthetically pleasing walkway and viewing area for visitors to the airport. WSP, along with Dufferin Construction, worked to find a product to fit the project’s goals.

Design Inspiration and Use of Barkman Product:

The MagnumStone Retaining Wall System offered the perfect solution for the planner’s competing goals. With a reputation for easy installation, large-scale application and the ability to withstand punishing Alberta winters, MagnumStone was a clear winner. MagnumStone’s big-block system allows installers to place blocks 8 sq. ft. (0.74 sq. metre) at a time, compared to 1 sq. ft. (0.092 sq. metre) when installing segmented retaining wall (SRW) systems. Covering more ground with MagnumStone’s hollow-core blocks meant the installation would be completed at a quicker pace and cost-efficient manner.

The product succeeded beautifully in providing an enjoyable experience for guests hoping to catch a glimpse of aircraft taking off, or simply wanting to take a relaxing stroll between flights.

MagnumStone’s concrete blocks and beautiful facing have the versatility to adapt with the creativity of its engineers to build remarkable, long-lasting structures – as exemplified by the lookout’s curves, corners and detailed features. The modern finish of the MagnumStone System connected perfectly with the new, modern aesthetic of the airport itself. This undertaking proves that engineers need not sacrifice functionality for the sake of appearances. This modern, large scale retaining system will no doubt be noticed and appreciated by residents of the new development and airport guests from around the world.

More details on this project can be found in MagnumStone’s Edmonton Airport Case Study.