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University of Calgary

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Project: Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning
Landscape Architect: O2 design architecture
Contractor: Pro Paving Stones
Location: University of Calgary, AB
Civil Engineer: Broadway Family - 100mm
Colour: White and Charcoal
Project Owner: University of Calgary

Project Background
The University of Calgary continues to upgrade and expand its public spaces on campus and with every new building project, comes new and exciting hardscape designs for the faculty and students that call the UofC home. The Taylor Institute for Teaching & Learning, with landscapes designed by O2 design architecture, is one of several new buildings on campus that reflect the new approach using contemporary modern design.

Design Inspiration and The Use of Interlocking Concrete Pavers
Contracted by Pro Paving Stones, the Barkman Broadway 300x300x100mm and 150x300x100mm were selected for this project and cover approximately 1000m2 of area.

The colours used were a Face Mix charcoal and a Face Mix white. The white Face Mix Broadway pavers cover more than 50% of the area, and helped the site achieve LEED credits for the reflective surface and reduced heat island effect specifications. The charcoal and white Broadway paving stones were installed in a predetermined pattern provided by the architect and the project was completed in the summer of 2015.

Barkman was also given the task of creating custom bench legs for this public space. The bench legs used a special aggregate mix, white cement and a light shot-blast finish to achieve the look that the designers wanted for this project.