Creative Concrete Creations

Written by Barkman Concrete Published on February 7th, 2013

If you happen to frequent sites like PinterestDwell or Design Milk, or you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you will have no doubt come across some really intriguing products created using concrete. As a concrete company, we are naturally excited to see concrete used in unique and interesting ways. While concrete is certainly not suited for all applications, a growing number of designers are using the material in a wide array of products, including office supplies, houseware, and electronics. Here are some fantastic examples of concrete being used in new and unexpected ways.

Few applications make use of concrete’s inherent ability to take on any shape better than Aust & Amelung’s “Like Paper” lamps, which look like deformed, creased and folded paper light fixtures.

These stools by Florian Schmid are made by impregnating cloth with cement and dipping the fabric into water. As the cement begins to set, the cloth can be manipulated into various shapes before hardening.

Etsy is filled with all kinds of household items made with concrete. We particularly like this salt cellar by Cullinarium. Each item is hand cast using a mixture that results in a product that looks and feels like ceramic. Furthermore, each item is coated with a food safe sealant, which prevents caking.

We’ve seen a lot of concrete vases over the years, but this modular vase by Xiral Segard easily wins out.The modular nature of the vase allow you to adjust the height of the vase depending on the size of plant being placed in it.

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