Tomorrow’s Landscapes: Barkman’s Hardscaping Products that Will Redefine Outdoor Spaces in 2024

Written by Peegy Ontong Published on January 23rd, 2024

Broadway 65mm in Graphite

In 2024, Barkman continues its long history of innovation by launching a new line of concrete products that seamlessly blend inventive design with functionality. From the rustic textures of Broadway Weathered to the angular elegance of Architextures Vertex™, these new offerings promise to enliven every outdoor space.

Broadway Weathered in Natural

Broadway Weathered
Picture this – the rustic, well-worn look of Roman combined with the renowned durability and flexibility of Broadway 100mm. The result? Broadway Weathered 100mm, a harmonious blend of timeless charm and modern aesthetic.

The angular profile of Architextures Vertex™changes dynamically as the sun moves across the sky.

Architextures Vertex™
Barkman’s Architextures™ series receives a bold and angular makeover with the introduction of Vertex™, a contemporary take on the big block retaining wall. Combine it with standard Architextures™, or use it on its own; either way, the result will be striking. 

Keystone Linear in Graphite

Keystone Linear®
Keystone Linear® is a versatile, modern concrete retaining wall system for residential and commercial use. Use the coping unit as a stand-alone step or integrate it perfectly into an existing Keystone Linear® wall. Blocks can be installed flush or pushed in or out to create a randomized facade. 

Keystone Linear® Steps
Easy construction, modern lines, and three stylish colours make Keystone Linear® Steps the perfect solution for adding a contemporary touch to your residential or commercial property steps. Combine it with Barkman’s Keystone Linear® wall, or use it as a standalone product.

Caliber Stone in Sterling and Charcoal

Caliber Stone
Calibre Stone is the epitome of simplicity and style. It is proportionally identical to Quarry Stone but with a smooth, untumbled surface. Small dimensions make it ideal for do-it-yourselfer applications like planter boxes, seating, firepits, kitchen kits and pillars. Caliber Stone is set to become a staple for those seeking a polished and contemporary look in their outdoor projects.

StackStone® Smooth in Charcoal

StackStone® Smooth
StackStone® Smooth takes the classic split-face look of StackStone® and elevates it with a clean, modern face. This update preserves the timeless charm of the original while infusing a fresh, contemporary vibe. Whether used for retaining walls or other landscaping features, StackStone® Smooth promises to make a simple, yet bold statement in any outdoor space.

Quarry Stone Edger
Barkman enhances the Quarry Stone series by introducing Quarry Stone Edger, offering versatility for edging and border applications. This product creates a clean, finished edge for garden beds, pathways, and driveways.

Graphite and Obsidian Colours

New Colours
Two new colours, Obsidian and Graphite, also join our Barkman product lineup. They are available in multiple pavers, slabs, and walls, providing more options for expressing individual style and creativity in outdoor designs. Check out our Broadway 65mm, 100mm, Planks, Holland, Roman and Keystone Linear pages to find out more.

As Barkman continues to push the boundaries of outdoor design, these new products are a testament to our commitment to innovation and quality. Whether you’re looking for a rustic touch, geometric brilliance, or a smooth, contemporary finish, Barkman’s latest offerings have something for every outdoor enthusiast. Embrace the evolution of outdoor aesthetics with Barkman’s new products for 2024.

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