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You have it in you to create the outdoor experience of your dreams -- you just need the inspiration and the tools to make it happen. Here at Barkman, we provide you with endless possibilities for creating the perfect outdoor space, from our hardscapes to landscape kits and more!

Take the time to browse the inspiration gallery below, and get inspired to make your commercial landscaping project or home DIY landscape project the very best it can be, no matter what size it is or how simple or complex your project can be. Use this gallery for ideas on taking your driveway to the next level, beautifying your backyard living areas, building cozy firepits with ease, and creating stunning outdoor spaces of all kinds.

For Contractors

Take the ideas in the commercial landscaping gallery and run with them. Discover brand new perspectives on how to artfully arrange architectural planters on permeable pavers to attract more foot traffic while simultaneously managing storm water runoffs, or get inspired to combine different retaining walls with patio stones for a particularly decorative effect.

Commercial Inspiration

For Home Owners

Whether you want to re-work your driveway, add intertwining paths to your expansive yards, install a gourmet outdoor kitchen for the budding chef in your family, design a fantastic pool deck, build majestic garden walls, add a natural-looking fire pit to your intimate backyard, or beautify your abundant gardens with statement-making water features, you can get inspiration for all of that (and more!) with the photo gallery below.

Home Inspiration