Smooth Quarry Stone Fire Pit
Stylish and ultra-modern, add this sleek fire pit to your home.

The Smooth Quarry Stone Fire Pit is Barkman’s contemporary counterpart to the Quarry Stone Fire Pit featuring smooth, untumbled blocks.


Please refer to our install guide for the proper use and maintenance of your Barkman fire pit.

Sizes (H X W X D)

12 x 28 x 28 in
305 x 711 x 711 mm





Sierra Grey


DescriptionDimensionsUnit Weight LBPallet UnitsAssembled Size MMAssembled Size INIncludes
Square Complete H X W X D 1217 305 x 1118 x 1118 (outside) 12 x 44 x 44 (outside) Smooth Quarry Stone, gloves, 27" spark arrestor, Fire Pit liner 
 H X W X D   305 x 711 x 711 (inside) 12 x 28 x 28 (inside)  
Square Spark Arrestor (113807) H X W X D  686 x 686 27 x 27  
Fire Pit Liner* (115253) H X W X D 55 711 x 711 28 x 28  
ColoursItem No.
Charcoal 134379 
Sierra Grey 137931 
Charcoal (no liner) 137933 
Sierra Grey (no liner) 137932 

Product Notes

The Smooth Quarry Stone Fire pit, formerly the Modern Fire Pit has 3 layers with 12 pieces per layer. Outside dimensions are 44″ or 1118 mm.