Barkman, U of M Partnership Continues to Drive Innovation

Written by Jason Plett Published on August 16th, 2021

Along with continuous innovation, Barkman believes that business is built upon loyalty. From the homeowner who enjoys their backyard patio to the architects who design and specify vast urban parks and plazas, the commitment to these relationships and partnerships is the key to building better communities. That is why Barkman is so proud of the long-standing relationship it has with the University of Manitoba.

Barkman hosts a design competition for U of M’s landscape architecture students, challenging them to design a conceptual precast concrete product. Students are briefed on the challenge and given a tour of Barkman’s production facilities to gain a better understanding of the versatility of concrete and its manufacturing processes. The competition provides exposure and valuable experience for the students who participate, not to mention the prize money that is awarded to the winners. In exchange, Barkman has the privilege to engage with the creative young minds who will ultimately shape the future of the architectural industry.

Company CEO Alan Barkman remarks, “since the beginning, Barkman has promoted an environment of innovation and loyalty. Now, with the University of Manitoba, Barkman has been given the opportunity to share those values and contribute to the education and experience of young architects. Thank you for allowing us to join you on your journey.”

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