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Written by Barkman Concrete Published on July 18th, 2023

For hardscape contractors and their teams, executing intricate projects with precision and efficiency is paramount. Whether it’s installing stone pavers, constructing retaining walls, or creating stunning outdoor living spaces, having the right tools at their disposal can make all the difference. Among the arsenal of equipment that aids in achieving exceptional results, suction and clamp tools have emerged as indispensable allies for hardscape professionals.

In the realm of hardscape construction, where heavy and unwieldy materials often come into play, the ability to securely lift, position, and fasten these elements can significantly streamline the process and elevate the overall outcome. Suction and clamp tools provide a robust solution, enabling contractors to tackle demanding projects with greater ease and finesse.

Great North Hardscape has many of these tool offerings to help your hardscape installs go as easily as possible with a professional finish.

Suction Tools

When it comes to installing hardscapes, having suction tools at your disposal can greatly simplify the process and enhance efficiency. These versatile tools are specifically designed to securely lift and move heavy hardscape materials, making them indispensable for contractors. These suction tools not only minimize physical strain but also ensure accurate positioning, resulting in a professional finish that exceeds expectations.

Optimas HF200E

The Optimas HF 200E Suction Unit is perfect for lifting and installing dry-cast and wet-cast stone between 210 – 440 lbs. It is equipped with two adjustable handles and a standard eye bolt that can be attached for machine operation.


  • 2 Person suction unit for natural stone, dry cast and wetcast
  • Eye bolt for machine lift
  • Various suction pads are available

Which Barkman Products Suit This Solution?

Elite Suction A1 Machine Package

The ES A1 Machine Package is designed for the seamless installation of large step treads using an excavator. This comprehensive package includes the ES Power pack, ensuring reliable performance and power for your hardscape projects. The ES Housing unit complements the power pack, providing a sturdy and dependable setup. For enhanced productivity, we offer two 20V Dewalt batteries, complete with a charger, ensuring uninterrupted operation on-site. Additionally, the package includes a convenient red swivel hook, adding ease to your lifting tasks.

Which Barkman Products Suit This Solution?


Clamp tools offer a reliable and efficient solution for securely fastening and manipulating various materials. These versatile tools provide a strong grip, allowing contractors to work with precision and control. These clamp tools empower contractors to handle various materials with ease and precision, ensuring a seamless installation.

BL 850 Clamp with Machine Install

The BL 850 Clamp comes with an Auto Latch Feature, allowing the operator to pick and place materials with ease. It also includes a convenient Fork pocket designed for use with yard forklifts, ensuring smooth and efficient handling. The EZ drive on and off feature simplifies setup and removal. Moreover, it offers an adapter that seamlessly integrates with our Ergo Assist Handlebar system for effortless manual placement. For added versatility, a machine loop is included, enabling compatibility with excavators for heavy-duty lifting tasks.

  • Self-latching
  • Pick up slabs and step treads
  • Adjusts from 0″– 16 1/2″
  • Holds up to 850 lbs. The clamp itself weighs 53 lbs.

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BL 450 Clamp with Machine Install

With the Quick-E-Block BL450 Clamp, you can now effortlessly grab multiple blocks directly from your pallets as they arrive on the job site. Gone are the days of shuffling blocks to align them manually – this user-friendly clamp ensures a seamless alignment process with minimal effort. Its quick and easy adjustments make it a breeze to operate, saving you and your workers from the fatigue associated with manual block hauling. Gain unmatched efficiency with this clamp solution.


  • The clamp adjusts quickly and easily from 33″– 51″ and holds up to 450 lbs.
  • Quick-E-I Spacer, optional attachment clamp, itself weighs 45 lbs.

Which Barkman Products Suit This Solution?

BL 980 Clamp with Machine Install

With the BL 980 Clamp’s remarkable capabilities, you can pick up multiple cell blocks with incredible ease and speed, streamlining your installation process. Move step treads effortlessly from front to back, reducing physical strain and boosting productivity. The BL 980 Clamp’s swift and straightforward adjustments ensure smooth operation and major labour savings, empowering you to achieve more in less time. Furthermore, two unique inserts, available separately, accommodate different block types, making it suitable for a wide range of hardscape materials.


  • Adjusts from 0″– 38″
  • Holds up to 980 lbs. The clamp itself weighs 72 lbs.

Which Barkman Products Suit This Solution?

  • Bridgewood Steps
  • Rosetta Dimensional Steps
  • Rosetta Irregular Steps
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