Plants for Your Patio

Written by Barkman Concrete Published on June 1st, 2018

Warm weather is here which means it’s patio season! Patios are a wonderful addition to any backyard because they allow us to connect with nature in a practical and beautiful way. Sitting and relaxing on your backyard pad is always wonderful, but there are ways to make your patio even better this season, and one of them is planting the right kind of plants.

Recommended Backyard Plants
Flowers, herbs and shrubs not only add color and vibrancy to your patio but can also create a fragrant and pleasant atmosphere. With hundreds of plant options in every color of the rainbow and shape in the book, you should have no problem making your patio the colorful and vibrant paradise that best fits you and your needs.

As luck would have it, not all creatures love plants. In fact, many flowers and herbs help repel bugs and by planting them strategically, they can deter critters from ruining your lovely outdoor oasis. Here are just a few common plants that can help reduce the amount of bugs around your patio.

Marigolds are beautiful flowers that can liven up your patio with their bright colors and help keep the bugs away. Their scent helps keep away mosquitos as well as aphids.
The soothing scent of lavender is also a powerhouse in keeping away pests. Lavender plants repel mosquitos as well as moths, fleas and flies.

Basil keeps away flies and mosquitos and can also be used in the kitchen for fresh pasta dishes and delicious garden salads. Another herb to plant around your patio is mint. Not only delicious in drinks and baking, mint’s more hidden quality is that is helps keep away mosquitos.

Finally, Lemon balm is another mosquito repelling plant that will serve you well on your patio. Lemon balm is a fragrant, citrusy herb that is related to mint and makes delicious teas especially when paired with mint.

Planters for Your Garden
But how do you get all these wonderful plants around your patio and working to your advantage? They answer lies in planters.  Planters provide you with the versatility and flexibility to plant where you want to and set up your patio in the arrangement that works best.

It is a good idea to place planters where you want them before the dirt goes in, because once the dirt is in, they will be heavy and hard to move. In arranging your planters, it is good to consider the plants you are planting and how much sun they need. Some plants like it hot and sunny and others do not so it is important to know what you are planting and where what you plant will go. Another thing to keep in mind is the type of soil you will need for your planters. It is not a great idea to take soil from your garden as it could have weed seeds in the soil. It’s better to avoid the hassle of potential weeds and simply buy potting mix from a greenhouse or garden center. These soils are designed to help plants thrive in planters and is the best choice for your backyard oasis.

With summer just around the corner, make sure you get your patio ready for the warm months ahead. Fill your space with color, fragrance and the opportunity of no bugs and with just a few simple plants. To find planters that are perfect for your patio go to www.barkmanconcrete.com for more information.

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